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Most people have some fear of some things. A little fear in life is normal. If you fear pain, for example, then this is natural. However if a natural fear becomes a phobia, it causes you real distress. It really affects the way you live.

What’s the difference between a phobia and a normal fear?

So, you probably wouldn’t choose to have a painful injection if there’s a way for you to avoid it. Most people would avoid this! But if you have a real needle phobia then you might avoid essential surgery, treatment or tests. This can go on for months or even years. This means you may suffer very badly from easily prevented illness. You might even avoid getting pregnant because of your needle phobia.

The phobias listed here are severe, irrational fears and phobias which stop you from living normally. They preoccupy you, and can cause you inconvenience, distress and upset. This means you think about them at times when you really should be enjoying yourself, or focusing on something important. They can take over.

What is a phobia?

Your phobia is really just a particular type of anxiety. A phobia is an anxiety about a particular thing, situation or activity. You feel very strong panic and fear about something. Even just thinking about the thing you have a phobia of can produce these feelings. Your body responds to this fear by giving you a shot of adrenalin. You may feel as if you’re having a panic attack.

Perhaps you go to great lengths to avoid the thing you’re phobic about. This can really get in the way of a happy life. The phobia specialists at Manchester Hypnotherapy can help get rid of your phobia for good.

Help Phobia Disappear for Good

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Information about how to help Phobia

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Phobia Information

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Radiophobia – Irrational fear of radiation or x-rays.
Ranidaphobia – Phobia of frogs.
Rectophobia – Fear of rectums or rectal diseases.
Rhabdophobia – Irrational fear of being severely punished. This can also mean fear of being criticised.
Rhypophobia – Phobia of dirt, germs of of defecation.
Rhytiphobia – Phobia of getting wrinkles.
Rupophobia – Irrational fear of rubbish, filth or dirt.
Russophobia – Fear of Russians or of the Russian state.


Samhainophobia – Phobia of Halloween (Samhain is the pre-Christian name for Hallowen)
Satanophobia – Irrational fear of Satan or the devil.
Scabiophobia – Irrational fear of scabies.
Scelerophobia – Fear of criminals such as burglars, murderers, rapists or muggers.
Sciaphobia – Phobia of shadows.
Scoleciphobia – Irrational fear of worms – also called vermiphobia
Scolionophobia – Intense and irrational fear of school – also called didaskaleinophobia.

Scopophobia – Fear of being seen or stared at. A form of social anxiety
Scotomaphobia – Fear of going blind or of blindness in other people
Scotophobia – Fear of the dark. Normal in young children, this becomes a phobia if it continues into adulthood.
Scriptophobia – Fear of writing in public. A form of social anxiety
Selachophobia – Phobia of sharks.
Selaphobia – Irrational fear of flashes of light.
Selenophobia – Phobia of the moon.
Seplophobia – Fear of decaying matter.

Siderodmophobia – Irrational fear of trains or travelling by train
Siderophobia – Fear of stars.
Sinistrophobia – Fear of the left-handed or of things to the left of the body
Sinophobia – Phobia of China, the Chinese or of Chinese culture.
Sitophobia – Fear of food or eating.
Soceraphobia – Phobia of parents-in-law.
Social Phobia – Not usually truly a phobia but anxiety, stress, discomfort and self -consciousness experienced in social situations.
Sociophobia – Fear of society or people in general. Again not usually a true phobia
Somniphobia – Fear of sleep. This may stem from a fear of losing control, or from a fear of death, or from general anxiety leaving us feeling vulnerable and unprotected when we are asleep
Sophophobia – Phobia of learning.
Soteriophobia – Fear of dependence on others.

Spacephobia – Fear of outer space. A variant of agoraphobia
Spectrophobia – Fear of spectres or ghosts.
Spheksophobia – Irrational fear of wasps.
Stasibasiphobia – Irrational fear that you cannot stand or walk
Statue Phobia – Fear of statues or effigies.
Staurophobia – Phobia of the crucifix and what it represents.
Stenophobia – Fear of narrow things or places.
Symbolophobia – Fear of symbolism.
Symmetrophobia – Fear of symmetry.
Syngenesophobia – Fear of family gatherings and of being with those related to you.