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Pam Newbury, Anne Gregory, Catherine O’Connell, Harriet Walker and Julie Manifold – registered hypnotherapists in Manchester. They improve their training, knowledge and skills through Continuing Professional Development. They’re all fully insured.

Manchester Hypnotherapy has an excleent reputation. They’ve been the top independently rated hypnotherapists in the UK since 2008.

Specialists in Anxiety

Pam, Anne, Cath, Harriet and Julie each have particular areas of interest and expertise. However are all highly specialised in treating all types of anxiety. They are experts in anxiety, stressinsomniapanic attacksdepressionconfidence and self esteem. Daily phobia treatment (including fear of flying, public speaking and needles) is offered . They’ve dealt frequently with IBSOCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) emotional problems, weight loss and eating issues, pain management, psychosomatic illness,and  stress relating to fertility and IVF treatment. The team also has an excellent record in smoking cessation.

Catherine O’Connell – Registered Hypnotherapist in Manchester

Catherine will support you in making positive changes in your life, health and work.  She has supported many clients with anxiety, phobia, insomnia and sleep problems, and managing pain. She works with unwanted habits, including smoking, eating and alcohol misuse.

In addition to working with clients of all ages, Catherine has enhanced DBS clearance and is highly experienced in working with young people and adolescents.

She holds the Diploma in Hypnotherapy with the highly regarded Clifton Practice. Catherine also has a PhD in education and degrees in Psychology and Cognitive Science. She worked in corporate and academic environments for many years. Most recently she a university lecturer in Psychology.

As a therapist Catherine listens and is responsive to what you want to achieve.  Her approach is collaborative, working with you to find solutions and build your resources for self-understanding. She is warm and empathic and will not judge.

Her clients notice improvements in their interactions both at home and in the workplace. They say –

“The [sessions] have been a truly positive, calming and empowering tool in my mental health toolkit.”

“I feel my default setting has moved. I don’t go down the negative path as easily.”

“The therapy was extremely relaxing and after just four sessions my goals were accomplished.

Julie Manifold – Registered Hypnotherapist in Manchester

driving phobia manchester

Julie is an highly experienced integrative Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist/Counsellor.

Her passion is to help you overcome many of life’s challenges that may limit happiness. She works with anxiety, stress, worry, phobia, low self esteem, confidence, body image, weight loss and sleep disturbance.

She is an fantastic listener offering warmth, empathy and understanding. Julie provides a safe and supportive environment.

Julie also works in NHS cancer care supporting patients, carers and staff.

She was proud to receive an excellence in practice award from the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). She was also shortlisted by the Nursing Times Awards for her excellence in supporting staff Health and Well Being.

Additionally, Julie has contributed to publications on phobia and calming techniques for The British Medical Journal and FHT.

Her personal goal is to make a difference, and to enhance your life in a very positive way.

Harriet Walker – Registered Hypnotherapist in Manchester

IVF anxiety help manchester

Harriet practices solution-focused hypnotherapy, gaining her diploma from the highly regarded Clifton Practice in Manchester.  She has also been awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma from the National Council for Hypnotherapy. She is a graduate of the University of Manchester.

Harriet has enjoyed a wide and varied career in a number of senior positions. She has worked at Manchester University with Nobel Laureates, professors, PHD students and undergraduates.

Harriet first became interested in hypnotherapy whilst working in academia. She was particularly interested in how evidence-based techniques can help re-train the mind to overcome stress, fear, anxiety, compulsion and addiction.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy  focuses on the future and the present. You’ll learn to re-train you mind to overcome problems quickly and effectively.

Harriet is the mother of two young daughters.  She is an excellent listener and will offer help and support throughout your course of sessions. All she asks of a client is their commitment in wanting – and expecting – change to happen.

Anne Gregory – Registered Hypnotherapist in Manchester

fertility anxiety manchester

Anne offers solution focused hypnotherapy. She works online.

Solution focused hypotherapy lets you to bring about the positive changes that are right for you. It looks at current behaviours, thoughts and feelings. It’s about the present and the future. It looks forwards, not backwards. It will help you make significant, positive changes in your life in a relatively short period of time

She gained her Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy with the renowned Clifton Practice in Manchester. The Diploma is the highest possible UK hypnotherapy qualification.

Anne also has over 18 year’s experience working with children, as a qualified nursery nurse. She has also worked with women and children in a women’s refuge and with vulnerable adults as a Community Support Worker.

Anne works with people of all ages and backgrounds. Her experience include anxiety, stress related problems, low self-esteem/self confidence and insomnia.

You have to want change to happen and be willing to undertake a course of sessions, working to make that change.

Anne will help you overcome stress, panic and anxiety and live the life you want to live. She herself has experienced first hand the problems they can cause. She is passionate about helping you make the changes you want.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can make a huge difference. Anne will help free you from self-limiting thoughts and behaviours. She’ll allow you to change your life in a positive way.

Pam Newbury – Registered Hypnotherapist in Manchester

emotional problems help manchester

Pam has headed this team of hypnotherapists – independently judged to be the best in the UK – since 2008.

She will help and support you as she listens; she does not judge. Pam offers warmth, insight and understanding in lovely, comfortable surroundings. Manchester Hypnotherapy is based at her home in Didsbury, south Manchester. The environment feels relaxing and safe and this will help you get the best from your therapy sessions.

Whilst Pam is highly experienced in all areas of hypnotherapy, including weight loss, smoking cessation and stopping bad habits, she is a renowned specialist in treating anxiety-based issues. Her particular areas of expertise include emotional problems, social anxiety, health anxiety, panic, stress, insomnia and phobia. She’s seen thousands of clients for fear of flying, of needles, and fear of public speaking.

Over the years, Pam’s worked with clients aged between 5 to 91 (so far!), from all over the UK and Europe. She uses her knowledge, skill and expertise to help people from all walks of life.  She helps many celebrities, doctors, lawyers, pilots, accountants and other professionals, artists, carers,  students, sports people, parents and many more – to make the changes they want to make.

She is regular contributor to Radio 5 Live and Radio 2.

Pam holds the Diploma – with Distinction – in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. The Diploma is the UK’s highest possible hypnotherapy qualification. Pam holds an Honours Degree in philosophy and psychology from Manchester University. She is also a qualified solicitor having trained and practised in the City of Londo. She spent 13 years practising as a commercial property solicitor and before that spcialised in family law.

Pam lives in Didsbury with her husband, Andrew, four and three quarter cats (although there is always room for another small one!), and one adorable standard wire haired dachshund. She spends her spare time gardening, walking Douglas, travelling, eating out and re-decorating the house!

Registered qualified hypnotherapists in Manchester

Pam, Julie, Anne, Harriet and Cath are all fully registered, qualified and insured. They practice 6 days a week at this south Manchester hypnotherapy clinic. They are highly experienced, with over 45 years between them of hypnosis,  relaxation techniques and teaching self hypnosis. If you want to find a hypnotherapist in south Manchester to help you make the changes you want to make, then please get in touch.

To help anxietyinsomniapanic attacksconfidence, weight loss, to help a phobia, or for any other problem, then contact us. Check at the independent websites which list and review hypnotherapists (for example www.freeindex.co.uk . Google also displays reviews), and you will see the excellent results achieved by this Manchester hypnotherapy clinic.

For a free, no obligation chat about hypnosis in Manchester please contact us by phone on 07779 575 816 or email manchesterhypnotherapy@gmail.com. Manchester Hypnotherapy is based in Didsbury, within a few miles of Stockport, Chorlton, Gatley, Cheadle, the Heatons, and Altrincham, Bowdon and Hale. It is within easy reach of all areas of Manchester.