Emotional Problems

Help for Emotional Problems

So many people struggle with emotional problems. Not things like a break up or a bereavement or falling out with a friend. These are very sad things which everyone has to cope with at some point. If you have emotional problems, you’ll fall out with friends or partners easily. You find it hard to forgive and forget. You get angry easily. Small things can upset you hugely.

Emotional problems respond really well to hypnotherapy. They include jealousy and insecurity. Jealousy describes the feeling you get when you believe an important relationship is threatened. It’s complicated, involving a mix of thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Emotional problems take up a lot of your time. You find it difficult if not impossible to switch off from thinking about them. If you’re jealous, you may blame your partner. You may believe that he or she is bound to find someone else more attractive. You constantly compare yourself with others. You feel hurt, sad, and unworthy. Then you feel ashamed, embarrassed, and sorry for yourself. You may restrict your partner’s behaviour, always checking where they are or who they’re with. Or you may ask them question after question after question. You start to argue more and more.


Or perhaps you feel so insecure that you always let your partner have their own way. This is because you’re worried what will happen if you disagree with them. Your partner may be angry that you don’t seem to trust them. They may hide things from you (even though they’re totally innocent) so that you don’t become jealous. As if this weren’t enough, feeling like this for any length of time can lead to depression, stress and even more anxiety.

Jealousy and insecurity are types of anxiety

Both jealousy and insecurity are a form of anxiety. You fear losing the person you love, and you can’t stop thinking about this.

If you suffer with jealousy or insecurity, you may constantly feel the need for reassurance. You believing that if only you could trust your partner, you’d feel ok. But jealousy and insecurity aren’t really about trust, or the way your partner is behaving, although it may feel like that. Jealousy, insecurity and other emotional problems come from your own lack of confidence and feelings of inadequacy. The constant need for reassurance makes you feel bad, and can also lead to confrontation and arguments, leaving you feeling even worse. Your confidence suffers another blow.

Overcome emotional problems by building your self esteem

The real key to overcoming emotional problems is to change the way you feel about yourself. Hypnotherapy will allow you to build your confidence and self esteem. Underneath jealousy, insecurity, anger and envy are beliefs that perhaps you aren’t good enough. Not attractive enough, or interesting, or clever enough – to keep your relationship going. Added to this is the fear that if you break up, you’ll be left on your own. You won’t find someone else. Again, these thoughts are about the messages you give to yourself about your qualities and attractiveness. Hypnosis gives you a level of confidence which allows you to stop this negative thinking.

How hypnosis and hypnotherapy help emotional problems

Hypnosis allows you to switch off from the constant stream of negative thoughts currently going round your head. Whilst you are in hypnosis, you will be given specific suggestions about your confidence and self image, and self esteem exercises to help you to focus on the positive things in your life. You can focus on the good things which makes you the person you are.

The deep relaxation you experience in hypnosis allows you to regain your peace of mind. Learning to relax means that your sleep patterns will improve (many people with jealousy and other emotional problems also suffer from insomnia). You’ll have more resilience and be able to cope better with day to day problems. You won’t get them out of proportion.

Break the cycle of emotional problems

As you feel better, you begin to act in a more positive way. You feel less hurt and angry, more calm and in control of your emotions. Your increasingly positive behaviour allows you to feel good about yourself and your achievements. In turn this makes you feel more positive. This means you can can reverse the vicious circle of feeling more and more negative, and instead feel increasingly positive. You feel more comfortable in your own skin. This means you’re more confident, relaxed and able to enjoy your relationships.

Emotional Problems are partly just a habit

Thinking in an over-emotional way is basically a habit; a habit of negative thinking and subconscious associations. Hypnosis is well known for its ability to stop bad habits (nail biting, for weight loss, andsmoking, for example). Hypnosis for jealousy, insecurity and other emotional problems allows you to stop the bad habits of irrational fear, assuming the worst, jumping to conclusions. Instead you learn build your self respect and self confidence.

Stop your emotions being in control
You’ll be taught to stop letting your imagination run away with you. You will learn to live in the moment and to forget the “what ifs?’. You’ll become more confident, able to try new experiences and meet new people. Because you are feeling positive and confident these things go well. So your confidence grows and grows. Confidence is a much more attractive trait than insecurity. When you are jealous and insecure, this affects the way others react to you, leading to a downward spiral. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis allows you to break this cycle.

What causes emotional problems?

You may think that they’re caused by external factors. Perhaps you parents divorced when you were young. Perhaps one of your parents was unfaithful, or maybe one of your exes cheated on you. Maybe your parents or another important figure in your life was angry abusive or violent. But these things are in the past. Hypnotherapy helps you to forget the past, and to live very much in the here and now. It allows you to get rid of preoccupations about past events, or fears about what might happen in the future.

Just because something has happened before doesn’t mean it will happen again. No-one can foresee the future! Other people’s past behaviour doesn’t tell you anything about how people will behave now. However people who suffer with emotional problems draw conclusions about the present based on past events. This is faulty thinking. Emotional problems are caused by what you think about yourself.

Jealousy happens when you feel fearful – of losing someone, of being on your own, of looking foolish, of not being good enough, of not measuring up. When we have poor self esteem, when we lack confidence, and when we jump to conclusions about our partner’s behaviour, we are suffering with relationship anxiety. Imagine you’re at a party with your other half. They are introduced to someone; they chat, smile and laugh; if jealousy is a problem you may make the assumption that this means they were flirting. They’re interested in someone else, and that ultimately you’ll lose them.

But chatting, smiling and laughing are perfectly normal everyday behaviours! The feeling of jealousy comes from inside you, not from the way your partner has behaved, but from what you tell yourself about what that behaviour means. Cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy – a mix of hypnosis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) allows you to think more rationally and to get rid of the jealousy and anxiety you feel.

Helping your relationship

More often than not, jealousy is caused by the jealous person’s behaviour and not by their partner. However, sometimes a client says that before this particular relationship they didn’t feel jealous. Sometimes it is clear from what a client says that it is not only their jealous reaction to the partner’s behaviour that is unhelpful and destructive, but the partner’s behaviour, too. It is important to look at the history of the relationship, at patterns of past behaviour, the relatonship’s strengths and weaknesses, and at your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, to see if there are any practical steps which might improve your relationship. Hypnotherapy is not a “one size fits all” solution – your individual circumstances are taken into consideration. Your story will be listened to and the most appropriate solution for YOU found.

Doesn’t feeling jealous just mean I must really be in love?

The short answer is no. Jealousy is not a rational response. Some people confuse jealousy with passion. They see jealous and insecure behaviour as a sign that their love is very strong. But there is no place for jealousy in a healthy relationship. Of course, it’s a natural human emotion to not want to lose what is important to you. However when your thoughts are predominantly about losing the person you love, so that you are constantly focusing on the negative rather than the positive, jealousy places a huge strain on the relationship, leaving your partner feeling as though they’re constantly walking on eggshells to avoid you getting jealous. In turn you feel anger, self-blame, and further insecurity. They then react badly, leaving you feeling justified about your fears for the future. It’s a vicious circle. In the worst case, jealousy and insecurity lead to the break up of the relationship. Jealousy is a destructive and completely negative emotion. Hypnosis helps you to overcome it.

Other types of jealousy and emotional problems

Jealousy isn’t just about romantic relationships – you can be jealous of your colleague’s promotion, or your friend’s new car, or someone who can afford to buy a house, or whose house is bigger than yours; you may think a friend is more popular than you, or perhaps someone new has joined your social group and you feel left out. Hypnosis allows you to focus away from the negative internal voice which makes you resentful and unhappy; it allows you to focus on your goals and to achieve what you want. Negative thinking, resentment and unhappiness stops you from focusing on the steps you need to take to actually get what you want from life. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy teach you to stop the habit of negative thinking which is actually preventing you from moving forward and succeeding.

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