Hypnosis in Stretford and Old Trafford - Directions to Manchester Hypnotherapy

Stretford and Old Trafford Hypnotherapy

At Manchester Hypnotherapy we see clients from all over Cheshire, north and south Manchester, and from the areas surrounding Didsbury, Chorlton and Stockport.

Manchester Hypnotherapy is just a ten minute drive from Stretford and Old Trafford.

Directions from Stretford to Didsbury

Starting out from Chester Road, by Stretford Shopping Centre (sometimes called Stretford Mall)

If you are heading towards Manchester city centre, turn right at the traffic lights at the big junction , onto A5145 Edge Lane

If you are heading down Chester road away from Manchester city centre and towards then motorway, then turn left at the traffic lights at the junction with Edge Lane

After about 1.4 miles there is a fork in the road. Keep the the right at the lights and continue on Edge Lane, which then becomes High Lane. After another half a mile or so you will come to a crossroads. Turn right at these lights onto Barlow Moor Road (this is still the A5145).

From here, follow the directions from Chorlton to Manchester Hypnotherapy.

From Old Trafford to Didsbury

Starting off from the Manchester United football ground at Old Trafford head down Sir Matt Busby Way towards Chester Road. Go straight across Chester Road which then becomes Warwick Road – Old Trafford Cricket Ground is across Warwick Road and to your right. At the junctions between Warwick Road and Chester Road turn left. Go along Chester Road until you get to a set of lights with the Trafford Bar Tram Station to your right (there’s a pub opposite, also to your right). Turn right and go all the way down Seymour Grove. Whilst on Seymour Grove you will pass go through two sets of traffic lights – one where you cross Kings Road, and the next at the very bottom of Seymour Grove – there is a modern low rise block of flats ahead and to your left. Head straight on through these lights. You are now on Barlow Moor Road in Chorlton.

From here, follow the directions from Chorlton to Manchester Hypnotherapy Chorlton to Manchester Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and Counselling in Chorlton, Stretford, Old Trafford and Altrincham

We are the top independently rated team of therapists in the north west. We specialize in treating insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety and emotional problems. If you are looking for a hypnotherapist in Chorlton, Stretford, Old Trafford, Altrincham, or elsewhere in south Manchester to help stress and anxiety,phobiaemotional problems such as jealousy, or health problems like tinnitus , then you can check any of the websites (all are independent and individually verify each review) which list and give reviews of hypnotherapists (for example www.freeindex.co.uk – Google also displays reviews) and you will see the excellent results which Pam and her team have achieved. If you would like further information about hypnosis in Manchester, to stop smoking, for difficulty sleeping and insomnia, self esteem and confidence, phobias such as fear of flying, depression, for help with weight loss, to break bad habits, or for any other problem, please call 07779 575 816 for a free confidential discussion.

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