Exam Anxiety

Exam Anxiety – Treatment in Manchester

You don’t have to struggle with anxiety about tests or exams. Exam anxiety can be effectively treated. Manchester Hypnotherapy will also help you to relax more generally, and to worry less!

Is Exam Anxiety normal?

The answer is yes – and no! If you haven’t worked for you exam, then you SHOULD worry! Anxiety IS a rational reaction, as the exam’s not likely to go very well! But if you’ve worked hard, but still find that you panic, go blank, feel sick or need the loo, then this amount of anxiety isn’t normal. If you can’t function, or if you spend days or even weeks living in dread, then this reaction isn’t normal either! It’s not helpful, either.

Most people will feel some “nerves” or mild anxiety before an exam or test – just as they would with any important event. But if you find that your anxiety is so bad that you can’t relax at all before exams, can’t sleep, can’t focus, can’t eat, can’t enjoy anything, you’re irritable and fidgety, then exam nerves are seriously interfering with your ability to perform.

At Manchester Hypnotherapy we’ll help you to overcome exam anxiety by teaching you to relax and to feel more confident.

Exam Anxiety and the “Fight or Flight” Response.

If you are suffering with anxiety or panic attacks then your brain is in the wrong state for learning. Your body becomes tense and thought processes confused. Our page on anxiety and panic gives more information about what is going on in your body when you feel anxious – but it’s something like this –

When you are anxious, your body – wrongly – thinks you’re under attack. So you produce adrenalin. It’s meant to help you by making you run and fight. But you can’t! You’re meant to be revising! So the adrenalin stays in the body. This makes your thoughts race, and it is then very hard to focus, or even sit still and work. You feel fidgety and restless. This can affect both the exam itself and the time you spend revising.

When you’re stressed you’re also more likely to suffer with insomnia, not eat properly and be unable to relax – all things which will affect how well you focus and work. This is where hypnosis can help. Hypnotherapy allows you to experience the right level of calm focus that you need in order to do well in your exams.

Driving Test Anxiety

In relation to driving tests, driving test instructors and examiners report that many people fail not because of a lack of ability, but because they are suffering with anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help to improve focus, relaxation skills and confidence. It will help ensure you’re at your best when taking your driving test.

Hypnotherapy and Counselling for Exam Anxiety

At Manchester Hypnotherapy we’ll explain to you why you feel anxious and help you to overcome exam anxiety so that you can perform at your best. We can help you build your confidence and self-esteem,

We’ll look at your thoughts and emotions which you experience when you are in your exam, test or driving test.

We’ll teach you to respond to your emotions better, minimising panic and anxiety, keeping calm and in control and putting distractions to one side. We will help you to identify any past experiences or triggers which have contributed to anxiety and panic in exam type situations. Your focus and memory and will improve. You will be able to let go of any negative associations or triggers and move forward.

Overcome Exam Anxiety – Exam Tips !

Before an exam it’s important to look after your physical, emotional and social needs. It’s important to remember that you’re still a person, not just someone preparing for an exam! We can help you with practical advice on how to cope with exam nerves. You should have a realistic revision timetables, take regular breaks, and carry on with other activities. Try to exercise and eat properly so that you keep healthy during the exam period. Sleeping properly is really important. Hypnosis is great at helping overcome insomnia. This helps you get things in perspective and not feel overwhelmed by exam stress.

We’ll help you replace fearful and anxious thoughts and emotions with more positive, calming ideas.

You’ll learn to change how you perceive how others view you so that you feel less-self-conscious . You’ll be able to perform at your best level. We’ll increase your confidence and self-esteem generally, training your brain to think positively.

And we’ll help you see any difficulties or mistakes in proportion so that you are not overly anxious about failure.

Anxiety Treatment Manchester

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