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Between them, the 6 therapists at Manchester Hypnotherapy have over 45 years experience. If you are looking for hypnotherapy in Manchester or Stockport to help stress and anxiety, emotional problems such as jealousytinnitus or problems with confidence, then check any of the review websites. and Google Maps show the excellent results which the Manchester Hypnotherapy team have achieved.

Get in touch if you would like further information about hypnosis in Manchester. Hypnosis is very effective for difficulty sleeping and insomnia, self esteem and confidence, and phobias such as fear of flying. depression is frequently treated, as are weight problems,  bad habits, and many other issues – too many to list.

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A selection of reviews sent directly to us

This is just a little note to say that my trip went brilliantly. The flights – even when the captain announced that we were going to experience 40mins of turbulence – I was so calm and kept thinking that this is just normal…it was surreal compared to how I usually am in those situations. Thanks once again for all your help.

I am now looking at booking a holiday (with flights) with my husband and children for next year – that is how cool I am with flying now

– Rebecca, Marketing Executive, Manchester

I came to Pam as a last resort, I wish it had been my first. I suffered terribly with anxiety and panic attacks and had sunk into deep depression.

Pam taught me that I wasn’t mentally ill, I wasn’t going to die and most importantly that I WAS going to get better.

The relaxation methods Pam took me through broke the anxious thoughts that were constantly cycling round my head.

I am now more confident and relaxed than I was before and still regularly use the relaxation exercises I have learnt. I even used her methods to beat my phobia of sand AND spiders on my own!!

I have no hesitation in recommending Pam as she went above and beyond to help me.

– Web Designer, Manchester

It’s going really well. I’m feeling very calm, positive, sleeping well and getting used to sticking to the food rules. My thought are no longer focused on food all the time which is liberating. I’m doing regular yoga sessions, listening to the CD most nights and my mind seems a lot quieter.

I’m avoiding weighing myself but feel like my clothes are getting looser. Because I feel less anxious generally, the focus on losing weight is becoming less important to me which is brilliant as I don’t want to be someone who is obsessed with their weight. So hopefully by taking it one step at a time I’ll get back to the size I feel good at just by eating naturally. It does seem that hypnosis works well for me.

I just wanted to say thank you as I do feel a big difference just after 2 sessions.

– Weight loss client, north Manchester – after 2 sessions. 2008

I came to Pam Newbury with constant rambling thoughts and could not get on with everyday life because of this. Pam seemed to understand and was able to comment and give advice about this as well as IBS I was suffering from. The advice was sensible and gave me comfort to try the suggestions as I was not going to lose anything by it. Pam is very easy to talk to, very friendly and sees you in her own home which is very relaxing and private.

The Hypnotherapy gives you a sense of deep relaxation so Pam can get to your subconscious to break the cycle. Your subconscious mind is so strong that when you are in a state of relaxation this is the only way to get to it. This helps you feel calm immensely along with a cd to listen to while not having a session. I recommend it and if I had loads of money I would have a session every week.

– Medical Receptionist, Didsbury – April 2010

I went to see Pam when I was struggling to sleep and relax properly. I had about 6 sessions with Pam and found that the relaxation techniques helped a lot. I am now sleeping much better, not fully back to normal, but a lot better than I was. I would definitely recommend her.

– Female Director, Manchester