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It’s natural to have some fears. Fear of pain, for example, is a normal human response. Fear of serious injury is natural. However, when a natural fear becomes a phobia, it causes you significant distress, and really affects your life.

Most people would not choose to have a painful injection. But if you really have a needle phobia then you may go as far as avoiding essential medical treatment or tests, or avoid getting pregnant. The phobias listed here are severe, irrational fears and phobias. They stop you from living normally. They preoccupy you, and cause you and your family and friends, inconvenience, distress and upset.

What is a phobia?

Every phobia is really just a particular type of anxiety. You feel very strong panic and fear about certain things. The body responds to this fear by giving you a shot of adrenalin. Being phobic feels very similar to a panic attack. You may well go to great lengths to avoid the thing you have a phobia of. This can really get in the way of your life.

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Ablutophobia – Fear of bathing, washing or cleaning.
Acarophobia – Fear of itching or of the insects whose bite causes itching, particularly small mites under the skin.
Achluophobia – Fear of the dark, darkness and things it may conceal. Surprisingly common!
Acousticophobia – Fear of noise or sound.
Acrophobia – Fear of heights, including ladders, bridges, staircases, cliffs, and high buildings
Aeronausiphobia – Fear of airsickness – a type of emetophobia
Aerophobia – Sometimes used to describe fear of flying but more usually a phobia of or extreme sensitivity to fresh air, drafts, breezes, or of swallowing air or something in the air
Agateophobia – Fear of going mad. Also known as maniaphobia or dementophobia
Agliophobia – Irrational phobia of pain. Also known as algophobia
Agoraphobia – Often said to be a fear of open spaces, agoraphobia is in fact much more general than that. It is an extreme fear of any situation where the sufferer feels unsafe or unable to escape. Sufferers feel they want to escape to somewhere safe – often their own home. The term was first used to describe people who were fearful of having panic attacks in public places.
Agraphobia – Phobia of sexual abuse. This is not confined to those who’ve suffered from sexual abuse themselves.
Agrizoophobia – Fear of wild animals.
Agyrophobia – Irrational fear that crossing the road or junction will cause physical harm, even when you know that there is no evidence that harm would occur.
Aichmophobia – Phobia of sharp things, such as knives, pencils, needles pins or pointed objects. Even a pointed finger can be enough to trigger this phobia
Ailurophobia – Fear of cats. Not tolerated at Manchester Hypnotherapy! No, seriously – we can help with this phobia too (and have done in the past)!
Albuminurophobia Fear of kidney disease. This is a specific type of health anxiety
Alektorophobia – Fear of chickens and other flying animals. Can also be a fear of eggs and anything else related to chickens.
Alliumphobia – Fear of garlic
Altophobia – Fear of heights or falling.
Amathophobia – Fear of dust
Amaxophobia – Fear of being in or riding in a vehicle.
Ambulophobia – Fear of walking.
Amnesiphobia – Fear of amnesia and forgetting.
Amychophobia – Fear of being scratched or clawed.
Anablephobia – Fear of looking up.
Androphobia – Fear of men.
Anemophobia – Fear of drafts, guts of air or wind.
Anginophobia – Fear of angina, choking or suffocating.
Angrophobia – Fear of becoming angry.
Ankylophobia – Phobia of stiffness or immobility of the joints.
Anthophobia – Fear of flowers.
Anthropophobia – Fear of people or the company of others.
Antlophobia – Fear of floods.
Anuptaphobia – Phobia of staying single or being married to the wrong person.
Apeirophobia – Fear of infinity.
Aphenphosmphobia – Fear of physical contact or being touched.
Apiphobia – Fear of bees.
Apotemnophobia- Fear of persons with amputations.
Arachibutyrophobia – Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.
Arachnaphobia – Phobia of spiders; also of scorpions.
Arithmophobia – Fear of numbers or mathematics.
Arsonphobia – Fear of fire or flames.
Asthenophobia – Phobia of fainting or weakness.
Astraphobia – Fear of thunder and lightning. Also known as brontophobia
Astrophobia – Fear of stars and space, space aliens or space travel.
Asymmetriphobia – Fear of asymmetrical things. Linked to OCD.
Ataxophobia – Fear of disorder, chaos or untidiness.
Atelophobia – Fear of imperfection or not being good enough.
Atephobia – Phobia of ruins – ancient, or following a recent disaster.
Athazagoraphobia – Fear of being forgotten, being ignored, or forgetting.
Atomosophobia – Phobia of atomic explosions.
Atychiphobia – Fear of failure or of making mistakes. Linked to excessive perfectionism.
Aulophobia – Fear of flutes!
Aurophobia – Fear of gold and golden things.
Auroraphobia – Fear of Northern lights.
Autodysomophobia – Fear that you smell very bad.
Automatonophobia – Fear of ventriloquists’ dummies, animatronics or wax statues.
Automysophobia – Fear of being dirty.
Autophobia – Fear of being left alone, of being by yourself
Aviophobia – fear of flying.

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